Thursday, October 30, 2008

Story I

I had a crazy dream last night that I thought would make a great story. I don’t know how well I can write it, but I’m going to try. Here's the first part. If anyone reads these things, I want feedback, positive or even better negative in the form of constructive criticism. Please keep in mind that it's in very rough form and not at all close to finished. Just let me know what you think so far.

One of the sleeping inhabitants of the house opened her eyes slowly. She looked around her. “Where am I?” she thought groggily to herself. The other inhabitants still slept. The woman stood up. She was slender, with strawberry blond hair cut to her shoulders. She looked like she was seeing the other side of 35. She stood up and started to wander. The house was a maze of sorts, with long corridors, carpeted in red. It was old and sprawling. The woman wandered into a room. Suddenly, she saw a small bird. She looked at it curiously, wondering how it had gotten in. Then she noticed that the bird seemed to be growing larger, until was no longer small but gargantuan, at least twice her size. She looked about the room in a panic, realizing that all of its furnishings were also enormous. Instinct took over, and she rapidly spread her tiny wings and flew away from the bird. It chased her menacingly for a while, after its prey, until she reached the front door, where the bird landed on the threshold, turned into a small mouse, and ushered her outside. She walked out the door into her living room of 20 years ago, where she saw pictures of strangers smiling happily at her. A man entered from the kitchen.
“Sharon, are we out of potatoes?” he said. The woman tried to call to him. She asked who he was, and why on earth he was in her house. She wanted to know where her parents were.
“Sharon!” the man barked. He promptly passed right through the woman into the next room.
Meanwhile, back inside of the house, the other inhabitants were starting to wake up.

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