Friday, February 5, 2010

Sex...What it's supposed to be

Link to amazing talk/lesson about what sex means:

Notes from a lesson in Relief society on chastity
I am going to copy my notes from the was good, and I appreciated that he focused a lot on the good things about sex after marriage rather than why we should wait and such.
-sexual stimulation, removal of clothing, etc. not appropriate before marriage
-Lord's law of chastity applies to bodies and minds
-speaking to Heavenly Father helps clear impurities of the mind
-Don't allow fears to keep you from the blessings and relief that come from repentance
-Why we need to follow the law of chastity, from a spiritual point of view
-Today's world is at least as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah (Pres Hinckley, I think)
-Power, physical, emotional, spiritual
-Provides physical bodies for Heavenly Father's spirit children and shapes person's eternal well-being, as well as strengthening bonds of marriage
-Every use of this power has moral significance
-Power in right use part of Godliness and Godhood
-Perpetual and improper use makes user a devil
-Lord's law of chastity -how to use body, soul shaping power for good and not evil
-adhering to that law makes one's nature more Godly
-not adhering to it makes nature less Godly
-Through Atonement and true repentance can be forgiven and forgotten as though it hasn't happened
-in pure form, romantic love=highest instincts
-in adulterated form=betrays
-Satan seeks to numb our sensibilities until we are eternally miserable
-Elder Hayfen (someone who was quoted, idk about spelling)
-Elder Holland-body not really ours, but will is...God will not impose on one's will, but body different story
-flee fornication, body temple of Holy Spirit, ye are not your own, we are brought with a price
-Soul is what's at stake here, not life or body
-Why does God care so much about sexual transgression?
-Sexual unity should be a symbol of spiritual, metaphysical and complete bonding
-sharing physical intimacy outside marriage -moral schizophrenia
-sexual union as a sacrament-special kind of symbol, unite our will with God's
-Real sacrament of highest order-union of man and woman w God
-Power of procreating...we will never be more like God than when we are expressing the power of human creation
-Only control we have over this is self control
-Jesus-If men will come after Him, take cross and follow Him, deny worldly lusts...forsake the world and save your souls
-Repentance is beautiful, and so is using sexual power in its proper and intended way
-Love, support, friendship, example are good ways to help those who are struggling with these issues
-Those who go to bishops and forsake their sins are some of the most valiant and choicest of Heavenly Father's children. (b/c they recognize they have done/are doing something wrong, want to change, and are willing to go before the bishop to confess)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So yesterday, I got a package in the mail with a tape, 3 Swiss chocolate bars, and a letter. A really long tape. It's pretty sweet. I was pretty excited. The tape was hilarious, and well worth waiting for. Sometimes, the best things are the ones we have to wait for. A lot of the time, we don't see the things we are waiting for coming. Sometimes, we just have to trust that things will work out the way they are supposed to. Waiting for a missionary is difficult. It's hard to know how much to hold on and how much to let go. But all of us are waiting. Waiting is what this life is all about. What's coming later is well worth waiting for.