Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day Rant

**Disclaimer: Don't read this if you love Valentine's Day. And I'm not trying to be offensive. Just stating an opinion**

It is Valentine's Day. And that having been said, I feel the need to randomly blog my feelings on the subject.

I hate this holiday. I believe I have told many of you this. And ironically, I hate it even more now that I have a boyfriend to "share it with." I think it is the most commercial holiday in existence. I don't see what romantic love has to do with St. Valentine. I maintain that this is a holiday solely meant to sell stuff to unsuspecting consumers.

Also, I have discovered especially since I started dating someone (being in a relationship teaches one a lot about oneself, apparently) that I absolutely hate the idea of something as cheesy as Valentines Day. My boyfriend knows my feelings on this subject. He told me Happy Valentines day once so he could get it out of the way and not mention it again. I'm pretty sure he would be perfectly willing to buy me flowers and chocolates, too. Oh well. The thought is appreciated, but I am pretty low maintenance. I don't feel any need to be on the receiving end of compliments. I don't want anyone buying me things, and I am perfectly willing to pay for dates. Heck, I am perfectly willing to ask people on dates. I am fairly nontraditional, and I don't believe in double standards.

I think it is sad, as well, that we have a whole holiday in our culture that reminds people so much of the fact that they are in fact still single. It is ok to be single. Nothing wrong with that - at all.

Having said all this:
Happy Valentines Day anyway! :) And to all you romantic, traditional girls out there, I hope you get flowers and chocolates to your hearts content!

Much love to you all!

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