Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Letter to the world

Dear World,
Life is beautiful. I just thought you should know. And everyone has great value in the eyes of God. I find that people compare themselves to others very often. Some people even go so far as to allow their negative views of themselves to hold themselves back from achieving their ultimate potential. I have a lot of good friends who are like this. It breaks my heart to hear them talk about how they are not worth it, or how they have messed up in the past and will never be able to redeem themselves. Not true people! Everyone has great potential, and everyone is unique and wonderful. Including you! Don't ever let the world tell you that because you are not as pretty, smart, funny, musically or athletically talented as someone else, you are not worth it. YOU are worth it!
Someone who has been there

Saturday, January 23, 2010


So...I am exhausted right now. Like, I could fall asleep, as in go to bed, and it's 8:46 pm. It's not even 9 yet, in other words.
So, I just finished listening to Taylor Swift's "Crazier" multiple times in a row. I don't listen to songs multiple times in a row. I also don't usually listen to Taylor Swift. Strange. I don't know what it is about that song, but I almost constantly have the melody stuck in my head these days. I am now listening to Matt Nathanson's "Come on Get Higher." It is also a good song. And applicable to my current situation in some ways.
I want to talk about break-ups. Dear boys, I just want you to know that, often, when a girl breaks up with you, it's extremely difficult for her. I'm not saying this happens in every case, but in many instances, the girl is doing what she thinks is best, and she doesn't want to hurt you. Girls do a lot of things with the idea of not wanting to hurt a guy, actually. It would probably surprise you to know how many things that seem cruel or confusing to a guy are actually the result of a girl not wanting to hurt him. Anyway, I am probably just rambling as I am currently very tired, so yeah..I'm going to stop writing now.