Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I had a really interesting experience today. It was about 12:30 in the morning, and I was in bed trying to get to sleep when my cell phone rang. I was puzzled as to who would be calling me that late, and worried when I saw that it was one of my good friends from back home. It's 2 hours later there than it is here, and she doesn't call very often. Furthermore, she has called me twice to inform me that people we both knew had died. I was half expecting this to be another of those cases. Her voice when I answered the phone didn't make me feel any better. She was crying, and had a hard time getting out what she wanted to say. She finally did, though, and what she said kind of suprised me. She asked me to reassure her that there is a God. I didn't know what to say at first, so I prayed, and was able to go on for about 15 minutes or so about why there is a God, and all things denote that there is a God, and sometimes the Lord has us wade through affliction, and when we get to Bountiful, he tells us to build a ship, you're not to the promised land yet. Better things will come. We have to trust in the Lord, who knows all things eternally. I was able to tell her things I have spent basically the whole semester learning. It was amazing to be an instrument in God's hands. It was really humbling, and it increased my testimony of the principal that all things work together for our good. I got to be someone else's tender mercy, and through that received one of my own. It was humbling and amazing, and I am grateful to God for good friends, and keeping me awake, and inspiring her to call me. His hand is truly in all things. Even though He created works without number to man, he knows them and they are His. He does everything He does for us with no expectation of reward. He does it out of love. We are sons and daughters of an Almighty Being, who is infinitely greater than us, and who knows all things. I testify that as long as we trust in Him, and remember that we don't have anything without Him, and that He knows all things and we know nothing, everything will work out in the end. Though we wade through much affliction in the wilderness, we too shall be blessed and eventually receive our promised lands.

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Nate said...

This is awesome Becca. Reading your amazing testimony really strengthened my testimony reading it.