Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Caballos y camiones

Today was very interesting and a lot of fun. We (my roommates and the girls who are staying close by and myself) went to La Universidad de Modelo, a very small university where we are studying whilst we are here, to look around and figure out the bus routes, along with the other girls' host mom. Then we all went back to the casa and chilled for a while and then had a delicious lunch with Gladis, prepared by Delila, who is very nice. Then we went to get my roommates some pesos because they didn't have any, and here, unlike the US, you can't use a credit card for absolutely everything. Then we got groceries and such and headed back to the casa again. Then we all decided to go exploring. We figured out which bus to take to get us to the centro historico (historical center, but it sounds better in Spanish). We looked at this beautiful old church and then some guy told us where to buy good hammocks, and then we took a 45 minute carriage ride around the central part of town. It was really fun. The town is beautiful. We decided to make a list of everything we want to do before we leave. After the carriage ride, we got pizza and then caught a bus back to close-ish to where we live. We got lost because we didn't realize there were different districts, but we asked a nice policeman, and he explained it to us. So we walked the rest of the way, which wasn't too far. We got home eventually. After we got here, I had a conversation with Delila in Spanish and understood most of what she was saying...she speaks really, really fast. So that was cool. Oh, and we decided earlier today that after today, we can't speak any more English, except for 30 mins at the end of the day. Did I mention that classes start at 7 am? Night, all.

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