Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yeah, I'm still here...

Dear readers, I do believe I left off my last blog on Saturday night, so I will start off now with writing about Sunday. Sunday morning we had 9 am church, so I went to that. Afterwords we went to the birthday party of tia Gladis, who is the sister of our host mom who took care of us for a few days. Then we went home and chilled and made cena (basically dinner but usually smaller) for our padres. Monday, we had our first real roommate split. Lauren and Alyssa went on the turibus, a tourbus that goes around the city that you can basically get on or off whenever you want to for a whole day. Bekah and I went to a fabulous water park with the institute kids called Rio Salvaje. It was a blast! I had so much fun. We met these girls on the bus named Vidi and Lidi, and they got our email addresses, and we met a 12-year-old girl named Karen and her sister Dani, who invited us to come play at their house. Karen told us we were her hermanas (sisters). It was very cute. And we went on the Cobra, the tallest water slide in the park. It was basically a blast. I had tons of fun. The rest of Monday we just chilled at home. Tuesday, Lauren and Alyssa had school, and Bekah and I (we have the same class schedule), went with tia Gladis and her granddaughters, Anacarmen and Valeria, to see the school where she's basically a vice principal. We then went to the mall and walked around. After that, we had lunch with our host parents and their kids, who are all married and live in Merida, and her nephew and sister. Later, we went to el Colon, this fabulous ice cream shop (essentially) for someone in the group's birthday, Melia. Then we walked around in the centro for a bit before returning home. Yesterday, Wednesday, Bekah and I went home and then to the centro with our host padres. We did a lot of walking, which was nice because I need the exercise. We got back and had lunch and waited for the other girls to get back. After they got back and ate, our mama took us to have laundry done, and then we met with our group to see Ironman 2 with Spanish subtitles. It was fun. It only costed 40 pesos, which is a bit less than 4 dollars!! I love how cheap movies are here. It's been a fun time here so far in Merida :)

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